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Big Ride 2007 was a big success. We started out on Saturday, Sept. 29 at 6:30 AM. Stuart Wilson, Marc Prioleau and I pushed toward the Santa Cruz Mountains. The day was supposed to be foggy and windy. Instead we were met with a crisp clear California sunrise. Not a cloud was seen the entire day. The wind only emerged as a light head wind toward the end of the ride. What a blessing!

The day started with a 1600 foot climb over the mountains toward the ocean. 30 miles into the journey, we made a quick stop in Pescadero for some refreshment. Heading down Highway 1 we had spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and the mountains. My wife Pat met us in Santa Cruz at the pier, 5 hours and 70 miles into the ride. After a quick lunch, Marc left us, having done his job of pacing us through the first half of the ride.

After waiting for 30 cheerleaders to cross the street to a competition at the boardwalk, we continued down the coast toward Pajaro. There we cut back inland after finishing our hundredth mile and a refueling at a local quick mart.

Next came the trip back over the Mountains through Aromas – a little town in the eucalyptus-covered hills. A bracing descent brought us into farming country and Hollister. Turning north, we encountered a slight headwind, but soldiered on. Stuart got a flat tire. We pulled over to change and discovered we had pulled into a patch of sand burrs, which now covered our tires. We picked them out as carefully as we could and changed the tire. Soon after, I got a flat. No doubt, I missed a sand burr.

So with 30 miles to go and no more spare tubes we headed north toward Morgan Hill and our rendezvous with Pat. Our speed steadily decreased as we neared the last hill before Morgan Hill. I must admit that I never felt the ride as much as this year. But having Stuart make the whole ride was a great comfort. Finally, nearly 11.5 hours and roughly 150 miles after we started, we pulled into the Target parking lot and piled into the Honda Element for the ride to Joni’s for the Fiesta.

Joni put together a great spread of Carnitas, jerk chicken and other treats. Pat’s chocolate chip cookies were welcome as well. But the best part was sharing the day with our families, friends and supporters.

Thanks to all of you who supported us this year with your prayers, good wishes and contributions. Pledges and contributions of more than $9,000 make this year’s ride a great success. I want to also congratulate Stuart, for being the first rider ever to ride the full ride with me and for raising nearly $2000 himself.

If you haven’t yet sent in your pledge, please do so now. Checks can be made out to JCEP/Silicon Valley Community Foundation and sent to: JCEP 405 El Camino Real #619, Menlo Park, CA 94025

Blessings and thanks,

Scott Kline


October 7-10, I traveled to Juarez with a team of 14 from Menlo Park Presbyterian Church (MPPC), my home church. As always, it was a four- day trip to build houses and serve the poor in the Colonias outside of Juarez. We had a great team led by my friend Andrew Doolittle. A unique aspect of this trip was that in addition to building a house for a family, we would also be building the third of three kindergarten buildings in Kilometer 30 (K30). We also did a food and crafts outreach at a local women’s shelter.

I stayed an extra two days to visit with the children sponsored by the JCEP. Another goal was to start the process of obtaining passports for our 4 oldest girls, so they could come to the U.S. next summer for English classes and immersion. We were successful in providing all information and payments for the passports, which will be ready next week. (No six month wait like the U.S.) Next we have to get visas.

The kids we are sponsoring are doing quite well. Two of our kids have moved away, Juan Carlos and Nancy Margarita. We hope to be replacing them with new kids soon. The remaining nine are in school and making good marks. They are also progressing well in their English classes with our new teacher Joel. I got to teach the English class one evening, after taking the kids out to dinner at a local restaurant.

The slab has been poured for the new Library we will be building in January with the funds raised in our May fundraiser at Joni Cropper’s. Joni will be leading the MPPC team down to build it.

Thanks to you for helping make all this happen.

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