n the outskirts of Juarez, there are hundreds of thousands of people living in houses made of pallets, cardboard and other available materials. These families migrate to Juarez with the hope of working for $10 per day in the border factories established by Nafta. There are more people than jobs.

he dream of acquiring an education for the children of these families is a hope rarely realized. The Mexican government does not pay for the education of middle school and high school students. The total cost for uniforms, books, tuition and other necessary expenses is roughly $700 per child, per year. Many children leave school when faced with high cost of education plus the attraction of getting a job to help with family expenses.

n January 2005, Scott Kline and Joni Cropper traveled to Juarez, Mexico with a group from their church. While there, they built houses and fell in love with the children of Juarez. Witnessing the plight of these children, born into extreme poverty, they were moved to establish a non-profit organization called the Juarez Children's Education Program (JCEP).   In 2005 they raised enough money to send six children to school for the 2005-2006 school year.

CEP's mission is to assist these families in breaking this cycle of poverty by enabling children to acquire a high school education, English skills, and computer literacy. These skills result in employment opportunities and careers not available to others. The children's success in the program is supported not only by the funds to attend school, but also with access to a library resource center and a supportive relationship with a local mentor who understands the daily challenges they face.   JCEP works closely with Missions Ministries, a Christian Organization that provides housing in Juarez, to provide these services.

CEP is run completely by volunteers and requires no administrative overhead. All donations go to assist the children's educational needs.

o date, JCEP has graduated 10 children from highs school. 4 of these have gone onto college and more will be heading to college this year. So our mission continues with children in both high school and college. Our libraries continue to be a safe place for hundreds of children to go after school for personal instruction, computer use and training and a secure study environment.

onations to the Juarez Children's Education Program can be sent to:

c/o Scott R. Kline
660 4th St. #552

San Francisco, CA 94107

lease make checks payable to Silicon Valley Community Foundation with JCEP fund in the memo line.

ll contributions are tax deductible. Funds raised for this cause will be added to the Juarez Children's Education Program Fund at Silicon Valley Community Foundation, a Section 501(c)(3) organization. Silicon Valley Community Foundation reserves the right to modify any restriction or condition on distributions from the Juarez Children's Education Program Fund if such restriction or condition becomes unnecessary, incapable of fulfillment, or inconsistent with community needs. All checks should be made payable to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation with JCEP fund in the memo line.



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